Hassocks fencing contractors

Hassocks Fencing Contractors

Need a new Fence or a Fencing Cost Estimate in and around Hassocks?

Erecting Fences in Hassocks for more than 20 years

Hassocks Fencing Contractor provide fencing for private and commercial properties. Contact Dave Elliott on 07966 377 145 to arrange a no quibble estimate. Or send us a message here. Visit our image gallery for some examples of our work.

Hassocks fencing are based in Sussex and cover the whole of the Hassocks fencing area. Hassocks fencing contractors will supply and erect all of your fencing requirements. We are a family run fencing business and are happy to give free estimates to our clients in the Hassocks area.

Hassocks fencing will supply and fix fencing panels. One of our most popular types of fencing is closeboard fencing. Closeboard fencing is structurally much stronger than the conventional panel fencing and will last longer. All the wooden fencing materials we use are treated from new and the new fence posts we use are extra treated where they put into the ground. When Hassocks fencing dig your fence holes we will always concrete your fencing posts into place and this will give your fence the extra strength.

Hassocks fencing also supplies and fits post and rail fencing. The timber we would use for this type of fencing is chestnut and really looks nice around older style buildings. Picket fencing is also another popular type of fencing around the Hassocks area. It can be supplied in either round or pointed tops.

Hassocks fencing also supplies and fits all types of gates including; panel gates, closeboard gates and even driveway gates with the locks and fixings. Trellis can also be added to either panel or closeboard fencing. This can enhance your fence and comes in different shapes and sizes from 2 to 3m long.

Hassocks fencing can also supply and erect concrete products, such as concrete slotted fencing posts which will not rot in the ground. This enables the closeboard panels to be slid into the posts, which also makes it easier when any fencing needs to be replaced in the long term. Concrete gravel boards can also be fitted to your fence. These come in 150 and 300 mm high, this then keeps the fencing off the ground and can be used to hold soil back. Concrete posts and gravel boards can be used with closeboard style fencing, but the gravel boards have to be bolted to the concrete posts. These gravel boards come in 2.8m long by 150 mm high.

Hassocks fencing contractors also do repair work to existing fencing, such as replacing a fence post, a fence panel or replacing a gate. So if you are looking for a new fence or just repairs to your existing fencing in the Hassocks area, give David a call on 07966 377145. David is happy to provide a free estimate or to give advice on what type of fencing you may require and we are sure that Hassocks fencing can help you.

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