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Looking for Fencing Panels or New Fencing Cost for a property in and around Haywards Heath?

Serving customers in Haywards Heath for nearly a quarter of a century

Haywards Heath Fencing Contractor Services are provided by DPE Landscaping. Contact Dave Elliott on 07966 377 145 to arrange a no obligation estimate. Or send us a message here. Visit our image gallery for some examples of our work.

Haywards Heath is a nice friendly local town and our Haywards Heath fencing company has been working in and around this town for over 20 years erecting close board fencing, fencing panels and all types of commercial and garden fencing.

Haywards Heath fencing covers all types of fencing work. One of our most popular types of fencing for the Haywards Heath area is panel fencing and they come in; 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft high and they are all pressure treated to help last for years. The wooden posts we use are also pressure treated and the most common fencing post size is 4x4 (by 8ft).

There is always the option to add a trellis to the top of your fencing to make it more decorative or you can have plants that grow through it.

Concrete posts can also be used with the fencing panels in Haywards Heath. They are hard wearing and the fence panels slot into the posts, which makes it easy to replace an individual fence panel if and when required. They will last longer than the timber fencing options.

When we are fitting concrete fence posts throughout Haywards Heath and Sussex, we will dig the fence holes by hand with a Kango to break up any existing concrete, before concreting the new fencing posts in place. You can also have concrete gravel boards which are fitted below the panel, to keep the fencing panels off the ground.

Another popular type of Haywards Heath fencing is closeboard fencing. This is a very strong fence and we will build it on site anywhere in Haywards Heath. The fence posts have to be morticed so that the arris rails can slot into the posts. A gravel board is then fitted on to the cleats, of which the cleats are fitted to the bottom of the fencing posts. You can then have the option of having a counter rail fitted to the top of the fence which the capping rail can then be fixed to. It is an extra option for our Haywards Heath fencing customers; however, it does enhance the look of your closeboard fence.

We would then nail the wooden slats on to the arris rails to finish making the fence. Closeboard fencing comes in any height you want and is 2.8 to 3.5m long. A trellis can also be added to the top of a closeboard fence and again this would add a decorative aspect to your fencing.

Concrete fence posts and also concrete gravel boards can be added to closeboard fencing for any type of property in Haywards Heath. This type of closeboard fencing will last a long time due to the strength within the structure of the fence.

At Haywards Heath fencing we only use top grade fencing products for our customers. We also provide free estimates to everyone in the Haywards Heath area.

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